At V Installations, we believe in effective partnerships with purpose. We are proud to be partnered with Leantechnik and Translift, and ensure that these partnerships further enrich our unparalleled service in Mechanical Handling solutions.

Leantechnik AG

LEANTECHNIK is a reliable, innovative supplier of linear gear rack lift drives for use in automation technology. Our most important aim is to ensure that the products always provide our customers with outstanding precision, speed and reliability while simultaneously offering users total flexibility. The gear rack drives are suitable for use in countless applications: They can be used wherever the high-performance transfer of motion is required. Therefore, there is no limit to the creative possibilities.

LEANTECHNIK has for 20 years been manufacturing high-performance gear rack lift drives for use in automation technology. Alongside the production and marketing of the two product series lifgo® and lean SL®, the company also manufactures partial and fully functional systems under the name leantranspo®.

LEANTECHNIK AG’s international sales and service structure consists of numerous agencies in Europe and the USA as well as in Australia, South Africa and Asia and we are proud to announce that we have been chosen as the preferred sales partner/agency for UK & Ireland.

Its products are used in every imaginable industry sector where precise, synchronous positioning tasks have to be performed: Whether in the field of automotive and transport engineering, plant construction, mechanical engineering or the food and chemicals industries.

In the automotive industry, in particular, LEANTECHNIK has gathered extensive industry-specific expertise through its many years of cooperation with well-known manufacturers and suppliers.

Thanks to the many possible combinations permitted by the lifgo® and lean SL® systems, we can find a tailor-made solution for your individual application requirements.


TL-Systems AG are the owners of the trademark “Translift” and hold all the design information and know-how promoted by the former UK company Digitron Translift Ltd, specifically in relation to their Electric Monorail System products.

Translift Monorail System

By agreeing to the new Licence Agreement, V Installations now have been granted exclusive permission to represent Translift Monorail Systems in the UK and Ireland markets. This agreement enables V Installations Ltd to market & sell Translift equipment into these markets (new equipment & spares), as well as granting us the unique right to modify or extend any existing Digitron Translift Monorail systems that are still in operation during the licence period.

Automotive Monorail Solutions

We have on a number of occasions, successfully integrated Translift Monorail Equipment within other systems, where similar Monorail Technology has been integrated. Works

KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of conveying and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants in the metal processing industry. Displacement pumps are also used in the field of chemical and food industries. Highly flexible assembly and transport systems complete the KNOLL product portfolio.

Our comprehensive product range allows us to set up complete systems and provide system solutions with central or local functions. Since 1970, the name KNOLL has been synonymous with innovation, progress and growth.

Knoll TS Transport System

The TS transport system is ideal for transporting and assembling medium-heavy and heavy subassemblies and workpieces, such as gearboxes, engines, housings or white goods. Typical applications in assembly and machining: cycled flow assembly process, interlinking of assembly workstations, logistics in materials flow (delivery and removal), interlinking of machine tools and transportation of workpiece pallets.