A Gruelling 8km Obstacle Course

On the 17th September, V Installations entered a team into the Devil Mud Run.

The course is a world class level obstacle course comprising of 31 obstacles over 8KM, obstacles include the Satan’s steps, Hay Bale Mountain, Swamp Thing, Ice Dip, Slippery Slope and of course a Giant Wall.

The Team included Sarah (Team Leader), Sarah’s friend, Ray Hough, Reagan Jones Jr, Reagan Jones Snr, Jake, Chris Bartlam, and Steve Trow.

After a vigorous warm up, those with any breath left set off in Wave 1 at 10.30.

After setting off from bottom of the hill, the team pushed themselves upwards, conquering the 31 obstacles and getting caked in mud in the process.

Despite the months of preparation and pain, the team were satisfied with a race well run, raising money for Kids Out, a charity that gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of society.

A huge thanks goes out to the team who put themselves through the Devil Run, and more importantly, those who were so generous in sponsoring us.

Preparation for the 2017 Mud Run has already commenced!