Helping our employees save money on transport to work

We’re delighted to announce that V Installations will be taking part in the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

This scheme is a great way for employees to save up to 42% off the cost of a bike.

The scheme was introduced by the government in 1999 to “promote healthier journeys to work and reduce environmental pollution”. The scheme has already been used by hundreds of thousands of people across the UK.

How the Bike 2 Work scheme works

Your employer buys the bike of your choice up to a value of £1,000. The employee then pays that cost back (minus the VAT) over 12 months.

Why use the Bike 2 Work scheme?

  • You’ll live longer – according to the NHS
  • It’ll make you feel happier and healthier, as getting outside in the sunshine boosts your levels of vitamin D
  • The scheme saves the entire CO2 output of a city the size of HEREFORD each year
  • Cycling to work can help you burn between 75 and 670 calories a journey, depending on how far you have to go
  • You’ll save money on commuting